(Grandfather - Mother's) Piston Aircraft / Hot Rod Mechanics / Military / (Grandmother - Mother's) Nursing   +   (Grandfather Father's) Military Pilot & Doctorate Dental Medical Staff 
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(Father) Finance/History Buff  +  (Mother) Business Administrative / Textile Expert
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One & Only

Trained by Nobel Prize winning Pioneering Scientists

The 139-143 IQ equipped Mad Genius...

Classified Lightbeam (Laser-based) Platform, Pyrotech, Rocketeer, UAS Pilot & Microwave Communication , Cellular / Satellite Networking / Business & Interactive Computing
Dr. Techie, Pilot, Moto Racer, Photon Electron Neutron Proton Lepton Quark Tachyon Specialist

DISCLAIMER: Only Partial Truths to this...  ..We could really tell you, but, wait ..  no we can't.  ...brought to you 
by the
ACME Cartoon Corp.

The RLew
AKA Mr. Wolf - I solve Problems

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