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'04 MKIV


My faithful steed since '05 when I bought it on eBay and flew to Texas to pick it up... 

It had 4.5Kmi on the clock and had been traded in @ a Lexus Dealer due to it being too "Racy" for the previous Owner...  It had a strange thing happen to it where it actually gained in value for a few years after I acquired it...  Don't think I'll own a car like that again in my Lifetime...

They say that old VW's don't die, they only get faster if loved... In this case that is true...

1 of only 200 Tornado Red 2004's ever released in the USA, 1 of 5000 '04 R32s ever made for Export to the US Market still with a clutch pedal...  Assembled in the Czech Republic, it's referred to as the Baby Brother to the Bugatti Veyron Supercar ( has a little more than 1/3rd the engine, minus the Turbos) .  Uses the same engine block  core as a Porsche Cayenne SUV,  it uses the  snow dagger-weapon known as the VW 4-Motion part-time All-Wheel-Drive system from Volvo ( also known as the Haldex Differential Power Transfer System )  Has a factory stroked/blueprinted/fortified 3.2L 24valve Naturally Aspirated, single-headed 15degree DOHC VR6 Petrol breathing fire-dragon of an engine with a Factory weighted 6-speed Short-shifter & Dual-Mass Hydraulic Clutch...  The factory Sport-Tuned-Exhaust w/ Dual Tips makes it known to You Tube as the 11th best sounding car of all-time  out of the fire spitters made to date.

  Only runs on Super-unleaded rocket fuel & even then it has trouble with the cheap US 92 R+M RON Rated Octane gogo-juice. 


We call it the "Red .:Rocket Sled."  

                Your Tech .:Santa's comin' to Town in a Hurry!

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