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I was indoctrinated as a Disney Cultist at a young age - I really didn't have a say in the matter... -RL

When I was young I was thinking I would grow up to become some sort of an Imagineer type for the Film Industry in California, but Life happens and plans change...  The better money earning endeavour at the time seemed to be in the creative Gaming Industry, so I tried doing that for awhile since I was already well versed in IT related work...


I was so impressed with all the artistry and technology integration that makes it all come alive.  I've always been a fan of animation from a Storytelling and Fine Art aspect, Disney seems to do it better than most all other Media Companies.

I'm more of Engineer/Creative Fabricator (a "Maker") who happens to be able to troubleshoot technology rather well in order to pay the bills, thus my admiration for well constructed / well run Entertainment Resorts comes from those perspectives. 

Since I seem to love Fine Cartoon Art, Animatronics, Immersive Entertainment and Pyrotechnics, I get a special kick out of seeing it all used together to create an experience that is hard to beat.

The Park:

  Disneyland was always such a fun Family trip we would take annually growing up. 


The atmosphere of the Park, the Brass Jazz Bands, Nightly Spectacular Shows, Parades, the over-the-top quality of the Craftsmanship/Workmanship that was apparent everywhere ...and especially the Fireworks (some of the best shows in the pyrotechnic shows in the world) were always so very impressive to me as a child. 


I still feel very nostalgic in a childhood's view when I visit the Parks today.  It's not something I am addicted to per say as I often go several years without visiting, but I find it fun to take a Kid (or an Kid-at-heart Adult) there and then spoil them for a day to put a smile on their face, maybe inspire them with a better appreciation for artistry, talent and creativity in some small way.  The fact that this place has certain unique scents that people will always associate with certain parts of the park or rides is a testament to how much thought was put into creating this special form of High-end Amusement Parks.

The magic of Storytelling/Acting has always been near and dear to me in my life, it has shaped the education and career choices in Multimedia I've made to support the involved Arts that make it all happen.

Once you take up personal hobbies like Sport Motorcycling, Racing and Recreational / Aerobatic Flying - the amusement park rides become kind of a secondary appeal as it is no longer really about the adrenalin from thrills since the bar has been raised so much higher.


The rides I really tend to enjoy are known as Dark Rides, as you really become part of the ride's theme during your immersive experience.

I tend to visit during less busy times of the year/week as I find it more enjoyable personally.  I can only take so much of being at the Park before I'm over it per say, but I feel very lucky to have gone when some of the now shuttered rides still existed or were not as politically correct as they are today since I have a love for dark humor.  I haven't gone since Starwars Land was opened as I'm not such a Superfan to where I had to rush down there to check it out right away. 


As Adult now, it's more about spending time with the Friends and Family you take with, enjoying life, drink and good food while doing so.

My Favorite Disney Rides:


Splash Mt.

Thunder Mt. Railroad

Pirates of the Caribbean

Space Mt.

Haunted Mansion

Country Bear Jamboree

Matterhorn Bobsleds

Star Tours

Grizzly River Run


California Screamin'

Frontierland Shootin' Arcade

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

Steam Trains

Nighttime Fireworks


Br'er Bear 

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