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Foodie Likin'

The extent of my Cooking Skills to date are in BBQ'n & just recently getting into Sous Vide related work...  I'm a Supertaster / Picky Eater with a bad, make that deadly sweet tooth...   Gourmet cooked Meat dishes with sweet sauces are my thing...

Sous Vide - Immersive Water Bath Cooking

French for under vacuum - it's the best way currently to precisely temperature cook a given food...  You use a Vacuum Sealer with BPA free bags, and the foods then cook underwater at a precise temp, for a precise time, you then finish some foods with traditional methods for an outrageously tasty result.  It uses a water heater/circulation pump... The method cooks slow & low, pasteurizing the food with time so it is still safe to consume and cooked at much lower temps then you would cook a given food normally to make it safe.  The foods cook in their own juices / added seasonings without being diluted during the process.  They are often more tender and tasty then you can achieve with traditional cooking methods.

All the High-end Restaurants around the World are now doing it to some degree...

It's a little pricey to get started, but worth it...

Here's my Amazon List to help you get started in Sous Vide:

Sous Vide Starter Kit 

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