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Gaming Favorites and Career

The Story So Far...

When I was 4, my Father worked at Activision and in turn introduced me to what was the  4-Bit Atari 2600 Game Console...  I had other friends that had system like the Vectrex Arcade System, Sega Home Consoles and so on..., but I played the Atari 2600 system until later on when I was about 6 when I was given a Commodore VIC 20 Computer system,  I was beginning to just learn how to read...  This drive to want to know how to use the VIC 20 motivated me to learn how to read a tad bit quicker than other kids my age, it also taught me how to use and play games on Computers without using a Joystick.  In time I would meet an influential Mentor that introduced me to PC Gaming in 1986, then later on how to build computers that would play games more efficiently, with better video and sound.   Around the same time period I was given an 8-Bit NES Game System that would carry my interest until about 1990 when I built my first Game PC that I myself would actually own...  This allowed me to play more advanced things like Flight Simulators, First Person Shooters and Real-Time Strategy Games which drove home the love for this art form for me.

It was really neat to grow up in the SF Bay Area where Consumer Electronic Gaming had first begun in the 70's,  to have had the chance to see it evolve and later after a little bit of College, I actually would come to help assist behind the scenes in growing the Industry to where it is today. 

When I was growing up I saw Gaming go from pixelated rough animation to almost silky smooth visuals,  I started to look into why Gamers enjoy playing Video Games as much as they do and what reward systems were used to keep them interested in the hobby.  This led me to consider looking into a Career in the Game Industry and later my stay at the World Leader at the time of the industry.  During my seven years time working in this field I realized there would be yet another disruptive evolution in this area that would potentially impact society and adoption rates of the hobby...  Virtual and Augmented Reality - but it would take computers getting much more powerful and less expensive to become mainstream.

2000 - 2008

Credits (Direct or Indirect) these are the Games I contributed to during my time in the Industry so far... -


  • Rock Band

  • The Sims Online

  • 2001 Game of the Year -  Battlefield 1942 (Listed)

  • Several others as I had a small, but Global impact on Game Productions during this time period...


  •  Oculus VR (before FB Aq.)


Mr. Bing Gordon

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